t h e w a t e r c o l o r s o f C h r i s t o p h e r W y n n


Christopher Wynn.

Watercolorist of contemporary realism.

Cross Country Meeting

Arundel Swan

Was Thinking of Painting This

Red, White, and You on Broad

Richmond Dusk

Richmond Morning

Opening Night

Plein Aire Painters on the Hunt

James River Rails

Cold Smoke

Basket of Turban’s Head Gourds

Ko Phi Phi Boats

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Red Toji in the Snow

Turban’s Head Gourds

Chinatown Market Day

Mixed Apples on a Cane Chair

Morning Commute

School’s Out

Switching Station Sunrise

Leaving the Station

Passing Into the Light

I Got Mine

I ‘m Paying This Time

Easter Morning

Bali Rice Field

Red, White and You on Broad Street

Floating Stillife

Nectarines on the Piano

Jefferson Storm

Mariposa Poppies

Venice 5

Exit to the Right

Offshore Breeze

Best in Show, Offshore Breeze

40th Virginia Watercolor Society

Doges Palace Light

Another Solo Lunch

Sunlite Twins

Midnight Blues

Reflective After

My Brother Bruce

Nightime Reflections